Regional Police Academy and Training Center

LRGVDC Regional Police Academy and Training Center offers professional development courses for veteran law enforcement officers. Such courses include the state mandatory courses to maintain the officer's peace officer license, core courses for proficiency certificates (Intermediate, Advance, and Master), as well as other courses such as the Mental Health Officer license, Basic and Advance Instructor Development courses, Firearms Instructor and Proficiency courses, etc. Please visit our website at and click on the “Police Academy” tab for more information and to view the monthly training calendars.

The LRGVDC Regional Police Academy and Training Center offers the Basic Peace Officer Certification (BPOC) course here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Region. The BPOC is the required course for entry into law enforcement in the state of Texas. Upon completion of the BPOC, candidates are eligible for employment as peace officers any-where in the state of Texas.

To qualify for the Academy, one must be a U.S. citizen, have a high school diploma from an accredited high school or G.E.D. certificate, have a clean criminal record, pass a psychological examination and physical examination, including pre-employment drug screening, and successfully pass an entrance exam with a minimum score of 70%. If an applicant is a U.S. military veteran, the applicant must have been honorably discharged as indicated on the DD-214. Lastly, those candidates under 22 years of age must have a meningitis vaccination within the past five (5) years and it must be administered at least ten (10) days prior to the first scheduled class day. For more information on the Academy Entrance Exam and/or academy class start dates and locations, please visit us online at and click on the “Police Academy” tab.

Candidates who are licensed peace officers from other states, federal agents or Military Police Officers (minimum of 24 months active duty as a Military Police Officer) may be eligible for the Supplemental Peace Officer Course (SPOC). Please contact the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement for more information regarding the SPOC.

Among the licensing courses offered, the LRGVDC Regional Police Academy and Training Center offers the Telecommunicators Licensing cohort. This cohort consists of the Basic Telecommunicators Licensing course (40 hours), Crisis Communications (24 hours) and the TCOLE Rule Overview – Chapter 33 (4 hours). However, to enroll in the Telecommunications Cohort, applicants must provide proof of completion of the TCOLE Rule Over course since this course is a prerequisite to take the state exam (refer to TCOLE Rule §217.2 (Texas Occupation Code Chapter 1701) and TCOLE Rule §219.11 Updated: 02/19/2014 (license reactivation). Additionally, TDD/TYY (4 hours) is included in the cohort offered by the LRGVDC Regional Police Academy and Training Center.

Telecommunicator is defined in Chapter 1701 of the Texas Occupations Code:

Telecommunicators means a person acknowledged by the commission and employed by or serving a law enforcement agency that performs on a 24-hour basis who received, processes, and transmits public safety information and criminal justice data for the agency using a base radio station on a public safety frequency regulated by the Federal Communications Commission or by another method of communication.

The Regional Training Center conducts safety programs throughout the community. For example, the Regional Training Center has conducted the Decision Making program at the Hidalgo County Juvenile Detention Facility and the Alcohol Awareness program for students in the Edinburg and Harlingen schools. Staff of the Regional Training Center is available for safety presentations and can tailor presentations based on the type of audience. Please contact the Regional Training Center to schedule any public safety presentation that best fit your needs:

When in the Austin, TX, area, please take time to visit the Texas Peace Officer Memorial, which is on the south grounds of the State Capitol:

If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area, please visit the National Peace Officer Memorial:

Remember that “all gave some and some gave all.”