Regional Census Tracts Updates (PSAP)

The 2020 Census PSAP is the only opportunity prior to the 2020 Census for regional planning agencies (RPAs); councils of governments (COGs); Alaska Native Regional Associations (ANRAs); and tribal, state, county, and local governments (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) to review and update the selected statistical areas. The Census Bureau uses the statistical areas defined for the 2020 Census to tabulate data for the ACS throughout the decade. These data are used to:

  • Prepare grant applications to fund community and regional development, education, agriculture, energy, and environmental programs, as well as other needed community improvements and enhancements
  • Plan for future community needs. The next opportunity to review and delineate statistical areas is planned for the 2030 Census

Visit Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP) website for more information.

Census Recommendations Municipality Recommendations NEWSubmitted Tracts
Cameron Tracts Cameron Tracts           • Cameron Tracts
Hidalgo Tracts Hidalgo Tracts           • Hidalgo Tracts
Willacy Tracts Willacy Tracts           • Willacy Tracts
              • Brownsville Tracts
              • Harlingen Tracts
              • McAllen Tracts


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