Overpopulation Awareness

The Regional Animal Care Coalition was created on April of 2019 by City and County governments compelled to address the neglect and overpopulation of animals in the Rio Grande Valley. The goals of the coalition are to explore ways to help solve the animal overpopulation that currently exists in local animal shelters within the counties of Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy.

After conducting a preliminary assessment of the animal intake numbers and costs in sheltering animals, which forms the basis of the extent of the animal problem to local governments, it is apparent that the focus must be on providing the much needed animal education and awareness resources to residents.

Contractual agreements exist between local governments and animal shelters in order to provide the adequate facilities for animal sheltering, impoundment, quarantine, observation, testing, conducting humane euthanasia, and disposal of the animals. Additional services also include placement of any stray, abandoned, or unwanted animal by individuals who leave their pets outside of city limits of any city in the three county area.

The coalition will be coordinating their effort to identify and provide resources on animal care and awareness to the public within the LRGVDC Region. Other items that will be explored are increase adoptions and provide a better quality of life for sheltered animals. Major efforts must be undertaken and the measure of success for the Coalition will be how well their efforts reduce the animal population in the region.