Disaster Recovery Funding

Texans are at risk of significant natural disasters. According to the State of Texas Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP), Texas leads the nation in disaster declarations for the recent 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 floods. Texans have been and continue to be at risk of hazards such as hurricanes, tropical storms, depressions, and flooding.

Since 2015, Texas counties have received a Presidential Disaster Declaration in which the Rio Grande Valley's (RGV) three county region was included. Hidalgo, Cameron, and Willacy County have been determined as the most impacted and/or distressed areas.

Such flooding's caused a halt to everyday functions for weeks and months as a result of the widespread damage in the counties and cities. Hidalgo, Cameron, and Willacy counties were impacted with minor to destructive varying degrees of flood damage in city roads, frontage roads, residences and businesses, and property and infrastructure damage. These unforeseen disasters have significantly affected city's and county's budgets. The LRGVDC understands the impact the disasters have caused and the need for funding assistance to alleviate expenses and monetary burdens that have transpired through these disasters.

Through funding opportunities, such as Texas General Land Office (TX GLO), Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Economic Development Administration (EDA); funds will prove to be a long-lasting investment that increases resiliency of our community, that RGV cities will benefit from guidance, capacity, and technical support in disaster related activities such as drainage repair, road improvements, housing, business loans, among other solutions to ensure that the RGV continues to operate, should a disaster occur.

As an Economic Development District, the LRGVDC will aid and address the needs of distressed communities in the RGV who were impacted and improve the region's rapid disaster recovery from future impacts of natural disasters and related crises. The LRGVDC is a key partner for the region to facilitate technical assistance where needed, provide guidance, identify corrective measures, obtain funding resources, and most importantly enhance the region's economic resiliency components. The LRGVDC will work to support the region by becoming a centralized resource and continue to share sound information to stakeholders. LRGVDC will support in any disaster related area as needed.

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